The Story behind Wild Merchant

Growing up with an artist as a mother, my brother and I had wonderfully hand-painted bedrooms. My room was pastel purple with a gust of wind entering through the door and carrying flowers, leaves and butterflies across the room. I spent a lot of time laying down on that bedroom floor playing with grasshoppers I snuck into the house and staring at the walls searching for hidden gems like the odd caterpillar on the skirting board deliberately planted there by my mother.

(For anyone wondering, my brother's had model army aeroplanes and hot air balloons) 

I hadn't thought of that bedroom in a long time. This was until I fell pregnant with my son and my mother asked if I'd like his room painted. We decided to pay tribute to my old bedroom but incorporate an Aussie theme with eucalyptus leaves, cabbage moths and native bees.

As the string of visitors came and went following George's birth, one thing (besides resounding joy for us) that stuck with me was that we were incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful nursery. This made me wonder about the possibility of sharing this gift with others... 

I genuinely hope you get as much enjoyment and wonder out of our designs as I had creating them with my Mother. 

Carla, Founder

Carla - Founder

"I've always considered myself a creative being and have spent most of my life so far juggling multiple creative outlets such as musical instruments, painting, pottery, cooking and gardening. I think I am addicted to the peacefulness I feel when I'm knee-deep into a new expression of creativity, and I love the satisfaction that comes with mastering and sharing these skills such as my espresso macarons or propogating my variagated monstera.

I've found that since becoming a mother I am more time-poor than ever, so combining multiple creative outlets and being able to share them with you is something that will bring me immense joy."

Marinda - The Artist

“From a young age I enjoyed the creative freedom that comes with painting, so much so that I completed a Fine Arts degree at the University of Potchefstroom. I have since immigrated to Australia and spent years experimenting with mediums and subjects, entered and won my division at the Cossack Art awards twice and had my own exhibition at the Karratha Visitor Centre. Through these experiences I have come to realise that my favourite medium is watercolour. I enjoy the way it mixes with other mediums like charcoal, gouache and ink, each giving a unique and distinguishable finish. I feel it comes most naturally when I am painting flora and fauna. To be able to share this part of myself & my passion with every one of you is a blessing."