Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wild Tints obstruct vision for the driver or passenger?

No, Wild Tints reduces UV exposure without compromising vision for our little passengers or the driver.

Can you still use the window once Wild Tint is applied?

Absolutely! We recommend applying the tint well under the window threshold so that it does not get caught on the rubber seal of the window.

Do you need special equipment to apply Wild Tints?

Absolutely not, our tints are designed so that anyone can apply them. All you need is a pen, scissors, cloth, plastic card and if you want a perfect fit, box cutter.

How big is the roll of Wild Tint?

Our packs come with a roll measuring at 60cm X 100cm. This fits most cars. If you need a larger piece of Wild Tint we also do custom orders.

Does Wild Tints damage existing window tint?

Also no- our tints are printed on gentle adhesive, which means you can also reposition (although try not to move around too many times as that will wear out the adhesive)

Does Wild Tints provide protection from the sun?

Yes! Our tints have been tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) and blocks approximately 64% of Ultraviolet Radiation.

What does it look like from the outside?

Our Wild designs are only visible from the inside and appear black from the outside.